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Removing Pet Odors

Posted by admin on October 25, 2018
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If you are a pet owner, it is easy to adapt to the smells pets can leave in the home. The house may appear clean and odorless, but the moment you visit someone with no pets, you realize how much of a mark your beloved animal has left in the home. If you are planning to sell your home, the odor may easily deter potential buyers. If you plan to have guests over during the holidays, you will want to ensure the odors are gone to prevent agitating any noses. We have 5 tips on how to keep those pet odors at bay so the home is always presentable.


Bathe pets frequently.

One of the easiest ways to prevent lingering odors is to bathe your pet at least once a month. If animals have more oily coats, it may be better to bathe them weekly. This mostly applies to dogs as cats have the ability to self-groom and need less frequent bathing by their owner. Be sure to keep ears cleaned as well since yeast infections are a common and quick cause of odors from pets.


Steam-clean carpets.

Urine can become trapped in carpet fibers and stay stubborn through multiple rounds of vacuuming. Consider renting a rug shampooer or calling in a professional carpet cleaning company for a deeper clean than the typical vacuum.


Wash sheets and furniture covers frequently.

If you allow your pets to sleep on the bed, it is important to wash bed linens regularly to remove bacteria that is brought in and keep them smelling fresh. Pillows and covers should be thrown in the wash too. If you have a removable couch cover, make sure to toss that in monthly to keep the fabric refreshed.


Use fabric spray on mattresses and upholstery.

Certain materials that can’t be thrown in the washer are still easy to freshen up. An odor-removing fabric spray can be used after fur is picked up off of the furniture. Wipe down any stains or marks left by pets and quickly spray the furniture daily.


Purchase an air purifier.

Their are air purifiers that pay specific attention to pet odors and are a great investment for pet owners. They may use catalysts or activated carbon to absorb the odors. Having a purifier is a healthy alternative to filling your home with chemicals and are extremely effective.

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