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Scaring the Pests Away

Posted by admin on October 30, 2018
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Spooky creatures are typically welcomed during Halloween, but creepy crawlers such as mice or insects are never invited to the party. The house should be decorated in fake webs, not real ones! Follow these steps for preventing any unwanted visitors from your home during Halloween and year-round.

  • Seal any gaps. Over time, gaps can form in windows and door frames due to wear from weather and other factors. To stop pests from entering the home through these cracks, apply new caulk to any gaps (including attic vents). New weatherstripping should be installed around doors where bugs can easily crawl through. An added benefit to taking this step is improving energy efficiency during cold weather.


  • Make a chemical barrier. Spreading an insecticide along the foundation of the home will combat bugs along the perimeter. Sprays can be found in many different forms such as liquid or granular and can attack a variety of insect species. It may be beneficial to contact a local pest control company to have them handle all of the chemical work and use a treatment for specific concerns.
  • Look at the chimney and roof. Mice can easily climb inside of brick walls and invade the home through the chimney, so it is smart to install chimney caps or a metal cover on the top. Doing this will also block leaves and debris from falling into the chimney and creating a fire hazard.
  • Check trees in the yard. Trees close to the home can appear welcoming to small critters. Make sure branches are not touching the house, which could create easy access for squirrels or mice to enter through windows. Insects pile up near shrubs and wood, so keep those away from the home to lower the risk of them coming inside.



Halloween should have scary elements, but live and unwelcome creatures shouldn’t be part of that. Be sure to take precautionary measures to keep pests at bay and keep the home fresh and inviting.

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