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Screen-Free Hobbies for Kids

Posted by admin on September 3, 2020
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Kids have had an influx of screen time over the past few months. Whether spending time on the computer with distance learning or mindlessly scrolling and playing games, it’s been easy for them to zone out and lose track of time or focus. Now that school is back in session and some are still learning remotely, here are a few hobbies and activities that will give their eyes a rest from blue light and may get them moving a bit! 

Any Sport

Although schools and recreation centers may not be holding teams or games this year, it’s still possible to get your child involved in a sport. You could even gauge interest with the neighborhood kids for a casual basketball or soccer team! Even if a child is going at it alone, there are plenty of things they could do. Dance via small in-person classes or online, set up a make-shift bowling alley in the backyard, or take them to a golf course for a relaxing round. Just getting them moving will be a huge accomplishment but will also give their mind something to focus on with positive results. 


Your child may give you a strange look the first time you bring this up since the word can be related to people of the senior variety, but embroidery or cross-stitching can be fun and therapeutic. It is a way to stay focused on something mentally and physically that yields a beautiful product. Many local craft stores carry beginner kits with embroidery hoops and threads, but you can find simple DIY tutorials online as well. The end result is a unique piece of art that your child will be proud to display after spending so much time on it. 

Book Club

Have your child find a book that may interest them and start a book club with friends, or start one with them yourself! It can be at a coffee shop, home or outside at the park on a nice day. Having a deadline to finish a book for discussion will give them motivation to set the time aside for it, but it can be something they can enjoy as opposed to a school assignment. 


Any artistic activity that a child can find and enjoy is a wonderful way to stay away from the screens. Check out your local craft store for a DIY kit or lessons. This can be for children of any age- paint by numbers for younger ones or hand-lettering/calligraphy for teens. There are really no boundaries when it comes to learning a new artistic ability, so let the creative juices flow and give them something to be proud of. 

While this is a short list, there are so many hobbies for kids to pick up that will keep them away from the screen. Encourage them to be active and find something that challenges them for a unique learning opportunity! 

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