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Screen-Free Ways to Have Fun with Friends

Posted by admin on September 3, 2019
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You can walk into almost any social gathering today and find everyone looking down at their phones or tablets, not connecting with the people in front of them. It seems so easy to be extremely connected and disconnected at the same time. To help you spend less time on your device, think of different ways to have fun without screens and bring your friends in on it as well. 


Board Games 

Board games are a fun and classic way to keep friends connected. Host a gathering and have everyone bring their favorite game. This will guarantee hours of entertainment and laughs! 


Local Events 

Take a look at your city’s calendar to find events happening in the area. Invite everyone to join and leave your phone in your purse or car. It is easy to spend the day getting lost in local markets or festivals and what better way to spend it than with close friends by your side? 


Take a Hike

Adventure to a nearby state park with your crew and spend the day hiking. You will feel a sense of accomplishment by going so far and can utilize teamwork skills by helping each other over obstacles. The view at the top will definitely be worth it- so much so that you can make a screen-free exception and pull out your phone for some pictures of you and your friends on a mountaintop. 


Get Artsy 

Art studios are increasing in popularity. There are various types of businesses that help you paint step-by-step or build your own piece of decor. Check around your area to see the different activities offered and plan a night out. 


Stack Phones at Dinner 

This is a great challenge for families and friends alike. Plan a night out and bring a small box to place phones in so that everyone is screen-free for the evening. This will make it easier to spark conversation and learn new things that you may not have known before about your favorite people! 


Having fun in 2019 without a screen is still very much possible. Think outside the box and take advantage of the time you have to bond with those around you. 

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