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Securing Your Passwords

Posted by admin on May 3, 2019
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Thursday, May 2, 2019 is World Password Day (held the first Thursday in May each year). The day was first recognized in 2013 after the inspiration from security researcher Mark Burnett’s 2005 book Perfect Passwords. Password Day is intended to raise awareness for good password security. In honor of World Password Day, we are bringing you a few tips on protecting all of your important data.

Layer Up

One of the best ways to secure your passwords is to layer up. This means allowing two-factor authentication to gain entry to devices and pages, such as having a single-use code sent to your phone or email to access information. The first layer of defense is definitely a strong password that isn’t your typical generic combination. Stay away from simple patterns such as “abc123”. For a list of apps and websites that allow you to enable two-factor authentication, visit

Reset Regularly

Celebrating World Password Day is also a good excuse to reset all of your passwords if you haven’t done that in a while. Some websites and apps require a reset every 1-3 months but if they don’t, try to remember to reset them yourself. You never know when you could fall victim to a hack, so it is important to keep the passwords varying.

Switch it Up

Although it’s tempting to use one easily-remembered password across all accounts, experts recommend using a different one for each account you have password protection for. This further prevents hackers from accessing ALL of your information. This is also helpful for shared accounts, such as sharing a streaming service with a friend or family member. Give those accounts their own password to avoid having your information compromised!

Use Crazy Combinations

Include a tough mix of numbers, letters and characters. Most sites require this now, but you still want to shy away from an easily accessible combination. Some hackers are able to run all possible combinations of passwords through their computers, so the longer and more mixed the password, the harder it will be for them to get your information.

Along with these tips, there are also multiple apps available to store all of your passwords in a secure, encrypted place. This is good to have when there are numerous accounts and you have a different password for each one. Change your passwords today and stay secure!

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