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Setting (and Achieving) Goals for 2019

Posted by admin on December 31, 2018
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Every time a New Year rolls around, people attempt to set goals and resolutions that they rarely stick to. According to Business Insider, 80% of resolutions fail by the second week of February. To avoid being one of those statistics, take a look at some of the tips we have put in place to help you keep and achieve your goals.


Structure goals the SMART way.

Being detailed on your goals is the first step in sticking to them. The SMART acronym is widely used by motivational speakers and writers to help lay out a framework with specific points on your goals.

S – Is your goal specific? What do you want to achieve and how will you make it happen?

M – Is your goal measurable? What evidence will you use to show you’ve been successful?

A – Is your goal attainable? You should definitely challenge yourself when setting new goals, but don’t try something completely impossible.

R – Is your goal relevant? Why do you want to reach it?

T – Is your goal timely? Having a deadline will keep you accountable in finishing what you started.


Write everything down.

An important key to attaining your goals is having something to look at day by day that will motivate and inspire you to keep going. Once you have decided what your goals for the new year will be, spend some time creating a poster or note in your phone with details, deadlines, and a way to check off accomplishments. A crisp, new planner is great as well because you can write out small daily goals to help achieve the bigger, long-term goals.


Avoid comparisons.

If you are joining in any type of group challenge or know someone working towards a goal similar to yours, do not let yourself be discouraged by comparing your achievements to theirs. Everyone has different timelines and life situations, so it may take you longer than others to reach your goals. The bottom line is if you reach them, you’ve succeeded. Keep the blinders on and focus on yourself and you will achieve your goals in your own time!

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