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Severe Weather Home Preparation

Posted by admin on September 3, 2019
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Severe Weather Home Preparation

Secure your property

  1. Insure exterior doors and windows are locked
  2. Remove window unit air conditioners, dehumidifiers, etc.
  3. Patio furniture, wreaths, grills and other outdoor accessories should be brought inside or secured

Prepare your home

Gather these items and stage throughout your home so they are easily accessible areas in the event of a power outage

  1. Flashlights with extra batteries.
    Note: Using candles increase the risk of fire, and should only be used as a last resort
  2. Water and nonperishable food
  3. Emergency radio
  4. First aid kit
  5. Personal sanitation products, such as garbage bags, toilet paper, paper towels, wet wipes, and tampons/pads.

Stay Inside

  1. Make a list of emergency contacts
  2. Inform your contacts of where you will be during the storm

For more information on disaster preparedness visit

South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control


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