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Staging Tips For Your Home to Sell at Top Dollar

Posted by admin on October 25, 2019
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Staging your home is an important step to take when getting ready to sell. A potential buyer is going to be more inclined to purchase a home that they can imagine their own furniture and decor in as opposed to walking through large, empty spaces. Staging will help highlight the most impressive features of your home and it will sell a lot quicker than a home that is not staged. Here are some tips to remember when staging your home to sell: 



Prospective buyers want to visualize your home as their own when they are taking a tour. When family photos and personal items are scattered throughout the home, they will have a hard time imagining their own family living there. The staging should contain charm and comfort, but avoid anything that is personal to you. Keep your clothes stored out of direct sight and take miscellaneous items off of the counters such as toothbrushes or glasses. 



Space is a huge selling point when buying a home. Heavy clutter will take up that space and can make the home feel smaller to a potential buyer. While you don’t necessarily have to get rid of things forever, try to keep your home down to the basics when the listing is active and store items away that can cause excess clutter. The more space a buyer can see, the more likely they are to see this as their own home. 


Keep it Squeaky Clean

You’ll need to double your spring cleaning routine when getting ready to list your home. Every square inch needs to shine, from ceilings to baseboards and everything in between. A clean home will let the buyer know that the property has been well-taken care of. Get to scrubbing right away! 


Stay Neutral

A neutral color palette throughout the home will give a more inviting and cozy feel than bold colors and patterns. It may cost a little extra to switch your staging to a neutral palette, but will be worth it in the long run if your home sells quicker at or above asking price. 


Light it Up

Dark rooms can give a depressing feel. Make sure all of the curtains are open throughout the home before buyers come to take tours to allow as much natural light in as possible. Lighting will not only make your home feel inviting, but can make rooms appear bigger as well to appeal to buyers. 


Home staging can be tedious, but it will definitely be worth your time once your home sells. Staged homes are proven to sell quicker and at better prices than non-staged homes, so be sure to stand out amongst the competition and sell your home fast.

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