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Staging Your Home for Sale

Posted by admin on October 31, 2018
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If you are planning to sell your home, it is important to create a clean, blank slate to appeal to potential buyers. You will want to put the spotlight on the home itself and not the years’-worth of treasures and decor that have been collected. Having a simple, clean home will allow the prospective buyer to imagine themselves in there and possibly persuade them to choose your home. It will make your house stand out from other listings.


To start, you will want to declutter all of the rooms in the home. Go ahead and pack up any items that aren’t needed before moving day. It may be beneficial to have a temporary storage unit to keep unnecessary items away from the home. The purpose of this is for a potential buyer to see how much space each area has to offer. It can be hard for them to look past shelves and cabinets full of your personal items.


Another thing you will want to consider is taking down personal family photos and keepsakes. While this may be an emotional task, it is important as the buyer will not want to feel like they are taking away someone’s memories if they move in. Store them somewhere safely and allow your prospective buyer to imagine themselves making memories in the home.


Deep cleaning is one of the most important steps to staging your home. When photos are being taken for online listings and flyers, you will want it to look like no one lives in the home. Let the buyer know that the property has been well taken care of.


Increase the lighting in the home, since lighting is a big thing buyers look for during their search. You will want to replace burned-out bulbs with higher wattage ones, clean the windows and open curtains. When the home is open for a showing, be sure that every light in every room is on.


Be sure that the curb appeal is updated as well. Obviously, the first thing a potential buyer will see is the outside of the home. You will need to ensure that the landscaping is fresh and pressure-wash the home if needed.


Preparing to sell your home is a big step. It may not be easy, but it will definitely be worth it when a buyer decides to give you an offer. Be sure to consult with your listing agent as well. They are very experienced in home selling and can offer additional staging tips to make your home stand out from the rest.

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