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Summer Energy

Posted by admin on July 31, 2019
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Here in the CSRA, we are reaching those high and humid summer temperatures. Utility costs during the summer months can skyrocket, so we have 3 simple solutions to help lower those bills. 



No, not necessarily the unplugging that keeps you off of your beloved social media. But it would be wise to unplug gadgets, chargers and appliances that aren’t always used. Keeping them plugged in is a quick way to drain your home’s energy and add to the power bill. Even a small phone charger could use energy when it’s not charging. Anything that requires a charger should be unplugged as soon as the battery is full. 

Since it can be tedious to keep up with multiple plugs in different places and rooms, consider using a surge protector for those smaller items. That way, you can flip a switch to save energy. 


Program the Thermostat

A programmable thermostat for the air conditioning unit can reap wonderful benefits if used properly. Having the thermostat programmed holds the potential of saving 10% or more per year on energy costs! Simply set it higher when you are planning to be away from home and during the night when it’s cooler outside. This keeps the HVAC unit from having to work so hard. 


Clear the Mess 

Check AC filters on a regular basis to be sure that they are free of dust and debris. It is ideal to change the filter every 30 days to help the AC unit operate more efficiently. 

All vents in the home should be free of any blockage as well. Making sure they do not have dust or any items in the way will help the air flow correctly and minimize costs. 


Implementing these tips will quickly help reduce those dreaded summer energy bills. Enjoy that extra cash elsewhere while saving energy in your home! 

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