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Summer to Fall Transitional Decor

Posted by admin on August 24, 2021
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School being back in session means the nice, cool breeze of fall is not far behind. While the summer heat is still beating down right now, there are cozier days ahead with fall just around the corner. If your home is still boasting bright blues and seashell decor, it may be time to begin switching to fall decor. It’s absolutely possible to do this without getting the pumpkins out just yet! 

Incorporate Soft Whites

A neutral color palette makes it easy to transition from one season to the next. White, cream, and ivory all provide a great backdrop for fall accents to come in, especially those with warm tones. You can also use soft whites with accent pieces such as throw pillows and blankets over darker, neutral-colored furniture. 

Layer Various Textures

You don’t need too many pieces to layer textures for a cozy fall accent- think a faux fur throw placed over a leather chair or fall-colored flowers laid on top of a textured glass tray. 

Decorate with Nature 

Incorporate the natural elements of fall into your decor. You can use pinecones, apples, leaves, acorns and branches to spruce up areas of your home without making it feel too much like Halloween or Thanksgiving so early. 

Bring in Warm Fabrics

Trade the breezy summer linens for cozy velvet or soft woven knit. These materials will bring in that warm, fuzzy feeling that you associate with fall and can keep your decor interesting. 

Use Soft Lighting 

The nights will become shorter soon, so add some fall ambiance with soft candles in glass votives or jars on your table for a simple and effective centerpiece.

Prepare the Plaids

Plaid is a pattern that can be used year-round, but it is most popular in the fall. There are a variety of pieces that can contain plaid fabric such as throw pillows, blankets, accent chairs, or rugs. It quickly adds a touch of fall with minimal effort. 

Using one (or all six) of these tips will guarantee a smooth and subtle transition betweens seasons. It doesn’t take much to bring a cozy atmosphere into your home, so switch up your decor today and welcome in the cool weather soon! 

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