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Supporting Local Farmers

Posted by admin on August 13, 2020
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During these uncertain times, small businesses need our support more than ever to keep the economy going. Supporting farmers in the area is a great way to keep the local economy flourishing while contributing to the livelihood of farmers who work so hard to grow food and produce. Not only does it benefit their business, locally grown food tastes better because it spends less time in transit, requiring less chemicals for preservation. This minimal use of chemicals is also better for the environment. If you’re looking for local farmers in the CSRA to support, here are a few to look into that are a part of Augusta Locally Grown.

3Ts Farm is a 25 acre farm based in Columbia County that raises meat such as hogs, turkeys, ducks and chickens. They have a meat market on location as well as local deliveries and drop-offs at the Farmer’s Market arranged by Augusta Locally Grown. 

Adderson’s Fresh Certified Organic Produce is available to order from Augusta Locally Grown. They specialize in delicious tomatoes, herbs and more. Adderson’s is a sustainably organic farm in Keysville, Georgia dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle with the best food choices. 

A great farm-to-table caterer in the area is Creative Cuisine by Chef Megan. She displays locally sourced Certified Organic products in catering events, parties and more. She also has items online for order with Augusta Locally Grown. She has continuously catered for notable companies during Masters Week every year. 

Hard Earth Farm is a family-owned farm in the Modoc, South Carolina area. They draw water from springs on their property and are committed to preserving the environment while producing nourishing food. In addition to their wide variety of produce, they also offer handmade soaps with essential oils, rugs, and scarves during winter months. 

Based in Wilkes County, Tink’s Grassfed Beef offers organic beef and pork with no antibiotics, steroids or pesticides. They have various meat cuts available for pickup with the market, but you can also visit their website directly for pickup at the farm. 

These are just a select few of the many local farmers who work with Augusta Locally Grown. They should give you a head start on supporting our local economy and eating healthier with more organic items!

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