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Teal is the New Red

Posted by admin on September 3, 2019
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For the last several years, red has been a popular accent color throughout the home. From making walls pop to a bright and fun front door, it has been a versatile color that brings joy to an otherwise neutral home. However, it is time for red to step aside and make room for a new trend: teal. Teal is bold and fun but has a relaxing effect with its blue undertones. It also pairs perfectly with any neutral shade. Check out these suggestions on introducing teal accents to your home and plan a shopping trip to re-decorate! 


Accent Wall 

Pick a room such as the spare bedroom to paint an accent wall. This is a great way to ease into a new color and you can always paint back over it if you’re not happy. Some of our favorite teal paint shades are Swan Lake, Silent Ripple and Tropical Splash (all from PPG Paints). 


Kitchen Accessories

Replace old dining chair cushions with fresh teal ones. Add a teal vase to the counter or dining room table. If your kitchen has a bar, try placing some teal barstools there. 


Front Door

Teal is perfect for the front door year-round. It is welcoming and adds just the right amount of pop to the front of the home. Give guests and neighbors a great first impression with a colorful door. Try any of the paint colors mentioned above if you’re ready to take the leap! 


Refinish Furniture

If there is an old piece of furniture in your home that needs updating, have some fun by painting it teal. Colorful furniture has been on the rise again lately, so this is the perfect way to stay on trend and have a unique piece in your home. 


If the idea of walls or furniture having such a bright color intimidates you, try small decorations and accessories first. It is a great color to slowly introduce into the home but once you have found a pattern and routine for it, you’re sure to love it! 

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