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Posted by admin on April 9, 2020
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Now that the national guidelines for social distancing have been extended through at least April 30, you’re probably looking for new ideas to keep busy. If you have elementary-aged children at home, here is a list of activities to try that will help keep their minds busy and give you a break during the day. 

Plant a Garden

This is an activity that the whole family can enjoy, but younger children will especially like the learning aspect of planting a garden at home. This is the opportunity for them to learn new things about science as they pick which plants to grow and what is necessary for their success! 

Virtual Field Trip

Many parks, zoos and museums are taking this time of temporary closure to bring the entertainment to your devices. See if a local zoo is offering online learning through videos and activities. Some theme parks are showing videos of rides for you to feel like you are actually there. If field trips have been cancelled, maybe some of these will bring your child joy. 

Indoor Obstacle Course

Break out all of the old party decorations you can find. Create a course out of painter’s tape, streamers, balloons and boxes for kids to stay active while being stuck inside. This is especially helpful to keep in mind on those rainy days when you can’t be outdoors! 

Rock Painting

Find a few smooth stones or rocks and paint fun and encouraging pictures on them. Think of a few quotes to add as well that will make the neighbors smile if they see them on a walk. Hide the rocks throughout your neighborhood and see if anyone else joins the fun! 

Nature Painting

Have your child find a few of their favorite flowers, leaves and sticks outside. Give them a large piece of paper or a canvas and let them create stamps out of the nature objects they’ve gathered. Encourage them to pay attention to the different textures and colors as they are painting and enjoy a beautiful new piece of art. 

Keep in mind that this period of time won’t last forever and your children are watching your reactions each day. Try your best to remain calm and encourage them to continue learning and exploring from home! 

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