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Things for Toddlers to Do at Home

Posted by admin on April 9, 2020
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Things for Toddlers to Do at Home 


Now that the national guidelines for social distancing have been extended through at least April 30, you’re probably looking for new ideas to keep busy. If you have toddlers or little ones at home, here is a list of activities to try so that you’re not watching the same movie over and over again! 


Chalk Sensory Path

Put a twist on hopscotch with this new sidewalk chalk game. Your neighbors may enjoy seeing it on their walks, too! Create a path with various colors, lines and instructions. For example: set a starting spot, then a zig-zag line, a few squares of hopscotch, various lines to jump on, and a silly instruction such as “spin around 5 times”. This will keep children busy and active during their time outside! 


Bear Hunt

Coordinate with your neighbors (from a distance, of course) to have everyone set a stuffed bear in their front window. This way, children can go on a bear hunt when they are taking walks or bike rides! 


Paint the Fence

Don’t worry, this paint won’t be permanent! Grab a bowl or bucket of water and a few paintbrushes. Have your child “paint” the fence with water as a fun way to keep busy with minimal mess. 


Scavenger Hunt

Come up with an easy list of items around your home and yard for your child to search for. They will feel a sense of accomplishment with each task they check off and you could even treat them with a sweet snack after they have completed their hunt! 


Tape Art

This can be done outside with sidewalk chalk or inside with a poster board or canvas. Take painters tape or masking tape and create a random pattern of various lines. Then, have the child fill in each space with different colors to reveal a beautiful geometric piece once the tape is removed. 


Sensory Bins

Sensory bins are a favorite among toddlers and parents alike. Grab a large plastic container and fill it with dry rice or beans. Toss in a few measuring cups, spoons and bowls for the child to practice pouring and other fine motor skills! This can be done with a variety of other items as well but it doesn’t take much to keep them entertained. 


These are just a few of many ideas to help keep your toddler busy during this difficult time! Remain patient with them as they are continuing to learn and grow in this new season of life. 

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