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Things You Cannot Live Without as a Home Host/Entertainer

Posted by admin on August 24, 2021
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Having a space that is personalized for you and your guests is extremely important, and may have been recognized more than ever after spending the last year mostly at home due to the pandemic. Now that it is becoming safer to hold gatherings and parties again, you may need to brush up on your decor and hosting items in preparation to invite guests over. Here are a few things that are essential for the host to make anyone feel at home: 

Weighted Blanket 

If you are hosting anyone who has had to travel, try to make rest as easy and relaxing as possible for them. One simple way to do this is to provide a weighted blanket to reduce stress and insomnia. Blankets with a weight of 12-20 pounds are typically safe for use by most adults. 

Charging Station 

It’s no surprise that we are all attached to our devices. If you have multiple guests over for a gathering or are hosting them for a stay, your usual one or two chargers won’t do. Instead, set up a charging station that can hold a variety of cords for different phone models and tablets/laptops. Your guests will be grateful for the thoughtfulness here!

Somewhere to Sleep 

A comfortable couch can only go so far. Guests who are staying more than one night need something better designed for sleeping, such as a deluxe air mattress if you need to save space. If you have a spare room that you’re able to keep a bed in, that would be a bonus. 

Everyday Essentials

It’s easy to forget the everyday items when traveling, but save your guests a trip to the nearest convenience store by keeping an “essentials” kit stocked at home. Travel size deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo and other toiletries are all great to keep around for anyone who needs them. 

Bottle Openers

For parties, you may want to keep bottle openers and corkscrews around. There have been times where guests are stuck trying to figure out how to hack their bottles open, so avoid this problem by keeping your bar supplies ready to go! 

Serving Trays 

If you’re hosting any type of gathering, you don’t want to be scrambling at the last minute for ways to display and serve your food items. Invest in a few good serving trays and platters that are neutral enough to fit any theme/holiday or that match your everyday decor. 

Ample Seating

Would you want to attend a party that was standing-room only because the couch is packed? No way! If you’re limited on space, stock up on a few floor poufs that can be stored away when not in use but offer comfortable seating when needed. 

If nothing else, make sure you have the basics needed to host guests in your home. Keeping everyone comfortable is key to a successful gathering of any kind! 

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