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TikTok’s Top Home Inspectors

Posted by admin on February 19, 2021
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The popular social media app TikTok has grown to be exponentially popular over the past few years. While it is most widely used among the Gen-Z crowd, Millennials have had their fair share of success as well and it has proven to be a great way for businesses to reach potential customers and advertise their services. 

Who would have thought that real estate would have its own corner in the world of TikTok? Homebuyers, agents and anyone interested in real estate can refer to these 15-60 second video clips for factoids, tips and laughs related to all things real estate. There are even home inspectors that have risen to TikTok fame if you’re interested in watching their videos on the app. 

What exactly does a home inspector do on a day-to-day basis? They conduct a visual assessment of a house’s structure and systems such as the ceilings, roof, floors and windows. They also check to make sure that appliances included in the sale of the home are functional and closely examine AC units, plumbing systems and electrical wiring. So, how would a home inspector go viral on TikTok? Here are a few for you to check out: 

Inspector AJ (@inspector_aj)

Inspector AJ is a home inspector based in Tennessee. One of his videos received over 1 million views simply for pointing out the wrong type of screws used to install a cabinet. Users found common ground in the comments by stating that similar things have happened to them many times. Because of his videos, interest in becoming a home inspector has grown with viewers wondering how they can get a job in the same field. 

Bryan Standley (@bryanstandley)

Bryan’s videos on TikTok have steadily gained popularity since his first post in early 2020. He recently told Buzzfeed News that he’s had several clients reach out to him because of his clips. He attributes his TikTok success to the fact that it’s easier to show your personality on this platform, whereas other social media websites contain mostly photos and messages. 

Hector Eduardo (@lumenati_electric)

Hector documents his inspection and renovations on older homes. His claim to TikTok fame is debunking popular design trends by telling viewers why they aren’t realistic or safe. 

If you are ever on TikTok and want to learn more about home inspections and real estate as opposed to learning quick dances, check these users out. Then, continue on with your “Renegade” (or whatever the trend of the moment is)!

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