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Posted by admin on January 31, 2020
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Buying a new home soon? Whether you are buying a pre-owned home or brand new construction, you will need to keep a few important tools handy for any do-it-yourself projects that may come up. 


Tape Measure

A tape measure will be useful more than you think. It will cover a wide variety of recreational and home improvement projects that need specific measurements or straight lines. 


Claw Hammer

This is the most commonly used type of hammer. Prices generally range from $10-40, so it won’t break the bank to keep a basic one in your toolbox. Hammers with rubber or vinyl handles will provide more shock absorption when pounding or extracting nails. 


Screwdriver Set

If DIY is your thing, it’s important to have a good set of screwdrivers. One basic screwdriver won’t do every little job you may need, so find a variety of both flat-head and Phillips-head in different sizes to cover any range of projects. 



Nails, screws, hanging pieces and more should all be a staple in a homeowner’s tool kit. They will typically come in boxes with compartments to keep small pieces separated and organized. 



No, not just your basic Scotch tape. You’ll need different varieties for different purposes around the house. Electrical tape can be used for insulating wires or other materials, painter’s tape will protect frames and trim during painting projects, and plumber’s tape will be useful for sealing pipe threads. 



A laser level is a good piece to invest in if you plan on hanging multiple projects or to ensure level ground with flooring. There are more basic models that contain a liquid and air bubble if you need a cheaper option. 


Step Ladder

You may not be able to reach every spot that requires repair. A 6-10 foot step ladder will allow you to access all areas of your home for projects as simple as changing a light bulb or more advanced tasks, such as installing new fixtures.  


Designate a space in your garage or shed for these tools to be sure that they are all easily accessible. These basic items should get you off to a great start as a homeowner. 

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