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Posted by admin on June 11, 2021
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Vacuuming Secrets

Breaking out your vacuum is a necessary, mundane household chore. Sometimes, you don’t want to bother with it at all but you’re happy once it’s done. Efficiency is key when it comes to tasks around the house, so be sure to look out for these things when you’re operating your vacuum: 

Clean the filter regularly. 

Most vacuums will come with instructions on how to safely and properly clean the filter. They store the dirt, dust and grime that comes with vacuuming and can easily become clogged, which will hinder the operability of your vacuum in the long term. When the filter is dirty, you will just be re-spreading dirt and dust around your home. Clean it after every use to keep the vacuum working the way it is supposed to. 

Remember the crevice tool. 

To get the corners and tiny spots in your home spotless, you’ll need a little more help than the traditional floor roller of the vacuum. Use the crevice tool at least once a month to get those hard-to-reach areas. 

Don’t overfill a bagless vacuum. 

If your vacuum has a bagless feature, don’t let it fill to the top at the brink of overflowing. This will create a huge mess when you do get ready to empty. Emptying it every few uses will ensure efficiency and a long-lasting product. 

Add a freshener. 

If smell is an issue in your home due to pet odor in carpets or other factors, the vacuum alone may not cut it. There are freshening products you can use in addition to your vacuuming routine to lift those tough odors and leave a pleasant scent. 

Pretreat stains. 

Any vacuum can suck dirt up, but stains in the carpet require a little bit of extra attention. Don’t forget to treat them ahead of time before passing the vacuum over the area. 

Vacuum over the carpet twice. 

Give carpets a second pass when you vacuum due to the carpet fibers being twisted in different directions. If you only stick with one pass, there may still be a ton of dirt hanging out. 

Dust ahead of time. 

Dusting after you vacuum will just create more work to take care of eventually. Instead, wipe down surfaces and get dust out of the way first, that way you’ll be able to vacuum up any remnants of it. 

Follow these tips to make your cleaning more efficient and to keep your vacuum working longer. 

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