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Posted by admin on June 10, 2021
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What’s in Your Tool Bag? 

Are you a new homeowner? For many, this means constantly shopping for things you didn’t know you needed. One of these things is a basic tool kit. If you’ve previously rented and had maintenance taken care of or are starting fresh, you may not have the necessary tools for daily tasks. Here’s what you should stock up on for a beginners’ tool bag: 

Tape Measure 

A basic 25’ tape measure should be in every home. Even though you may not need one every day, it will come in handy when needed on a whim. If you’re shopping for new linens or draperies, you’ll need to measure the area to be sure you purchase the correct sizes. If you decide to build a small project, you’ll need to properly measure the materials. You can also add a smaller 6’-10’ tape measure to keep for shopping trips or picture hanging. 


A good quality flathead screwdriver and Phillips head screwdriver are both essential for any home. There are also smaller screwdriver sizes that you may need for minute repairs such as eyeglasses or tough spots in childrens’ toys. 


A small assortment of pliers in various sizes will come in handy for nail removal from walls, large staples, wiring or crafts. 

Laser Level

An accurate laser level will help with positioning to hang pictures and decor and mounting furniture. It will save stress later on to know exactly where you’re placing things the first time. 


An average medium-weight hammer will get most household jobs done such as hanging pictures and shelves. 

Nail and Screw Assortment

Most home improvement stores offer basic kits full of nails and screws in different sizes. Grab one to add to your tool bag and don’t worry about missing a size when you’re in need. 

Wire Cutters

These make it easy to snip wires for crafts or electrical pairs and will save your scissors in the long run. 


Keep a dedicated set of pencils in your tool bag to mark measurements or placements for hanging things. It may also be helpful to keep sticky notes close by if you don’t want to mark directly on your walls or furniture. 

Painter’s Tape

This classic blue tape is for more than marking spots that you don’t want to paint on. You can also use it to easily mark where you want to hang frames or decor and for crafts with little ones. 

There are more items that you may feel need to add along the way depending on your lifestyle and needs. However, these are the essentials that will get you off to a good start in your journey as a homeowner. 

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