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What’s New in Smart Home Technology

Posted by admin on April 28, 2020
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It seems more enticing now more than ever to have wirelessly connected smart home devices. With the additional time spent at home, you may be looking for more convenient ways to control devices and appliances. Here is a guide to some of the most popular new and upcoming items in the world of smart homes. 

Amazon Echo Devices

You’ve probably heard Alexa’s name by now. She is the “brain” in Amazon Echo devices that works with If This Then That (IFTTT) to help control multiple features in your home as well as provide entertainment. After a little bit of work and programming, Alexa will help control most of the gadgets in your home simply by the sound of your voice. You can find the family of Echo products here.

Brilliant Control

This is a new and innovative wall switch that connects via Wi-Fi to control various home devices. The color touch screen with user-friendly controls allows you to of course control lighting, but also play music, set thermostats, check your doorbell and more. It is compatible with multiple platforms including Nest and Ring. While you’ll need some wiring experience to get this one installed, it’s a great addition to a high-tech home. You can find out more about Brilliant products here.

Universal Remotes

Tired of grabbing one remote to turn on the tv, another to find your streaming platform and a third for the speakers? This is where universal remotes come in. While you can find great options at a low prices to connect everything involved with the tv, you can also step it up with a high-end remote and hub like this to connect with Alexa, control the lights in your home and more. 

Video Doorbells

Knowing who is outside of your door is a breeze with Wi-Fi connected doorbells such as the Ring. It’s fairly easy to set up and offers clear video to know who is there. You can access the camera feed away from home, giving peace of mind for those who are spending extra time at work or out of town. 

The ability to automate so many aspects of your home will make investing in certain smart products a breeze. With so many categories and price points available, you are sure to find what you need to up the convenience factor at home. 

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